Yoleri: In prisons there is all kinds of violence

According to the Istanbul Branch of the Human Rights Association (İHD), families or prisoners send letters; sick prisoners are not taken to hospital, phone calls are imposed, and prisoners who refuse to undergo medical examinations each time are subjected to physical violence by administrative staff or soldiers.

İHD The president of the Istanbul branch, lawyer Gülseren Yoleri, pointed out that there is no public information about what happened many times in Turkish prisons due to the power cut and said that prisoners are exposed to violence in return for all their demands.


Yoleri summarized the situation of sick prisoners in prisons using examples of Fatma Özbay prisoners. Yoleri: “Fatma Özbay, breast cancer. There are many test results that her cancer has spread, but she cannot receive treatment. She is not controlled and is left with her disease. The situation of being left alone with this disease coincides with the punishment she was left to die. When we talk about prisons today, “he said.


Yoleri noted that torture has become routine in recent times, and said that the reactions of untreated prisoners have been keenly received. Yoleri said: “They are not taking the treatment under the pretext of an epidemic. Here you can understand the tension that this sick prisoner has experienced. In fact, the administration must act from a place that is more tolerant, reassuring the prisoners or meeting their needs, but in return there are practices that can mean making fun of sick prisoners. ”


Yoleri explained that the families and prisoners learned of the violations in the prisons through the letters they had written, and also pointed out the obstacles that stood in the way of the letters in this regard. “There are complaints about it, complaints like,” he wrote a letter, but he was not allowed to go outside, “” Yoleri said. Even the opinions of the lawyer, whose family views were blocked for a long time, were always blocked. In fact, this means that other channels of communication are blocked. We have witnessed a process in which social activities are blocked. Prison seemed much harder. Today we are talking about very serious problems. There is no transparent administration in prisons. We never know what is going on. “There have been statements from very few execution prosecutors, so far they have given some information that will not go public and they will not refuse to do so.


Yoleri noted that not only did the prisoners react verbally, but that the violence is already intense, and said “Every objection, every allegation, even routine practices lead to violence. For example, they also respond violently to prisoners’ appeals because they adopt dishonest attitudes during searches when they are being taken away. We have often mentioned this. There is mere call imposition, the use of ring vehicles on the way to hospitals, forced examination in handcuffs, necessarily imposed counting, imposition of redemption. In all cases where they have been challenged, there has been violence. Or in the case of searches, it is also violence to abuse, confiscate and seize all one’s personal property. This time there is physical violence because they object to it. So we are talking about a picture in which every kind of violence is experienced. The situations in which physical violence occurs usually exacerbate the picture. The rights they have are not given. It is a practice of violence that a sick prisoner is not taken to hospital. It is not possible to refuse this. ”

ANF İSTANBUL Cumartesi, 20 Haz 2020, 00:01

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