Resistence Keeps On:

3 Young women on hunger strike in turkish prison.

In the closed prison of Mardin, three imprisoned women, who started a three-day hunger strike against cell punishment, were extended to another 14 days.

The trial of two lawsuits against Elif Deniz, Ronahi Sırdaş and Melek Evren, who started a hunger strike against cell punishment and rights violations in the closed prison of type E Mardin, was heard. Three women who did not accept the census in the prison yard and in the disciplinary proceedings heard at the Mardin Execution Judge took part in the audio and video information system (SEGBİS).

While the women prisoners claimed to have started a hunger strike against the imposition of the cell sentences they had been given, they demanded an end to “arbitrary” practices in prison. The women stated that their action started 3 days ago.
The judge decided to impose cell-penalties on three prisoners at the request of the executing prosecutor. Under the decision, 3 prisoners were sentenced to 7 days for each examination. In total, three prisoners were sentenced to 42 days.

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