From the report on the situation of the prisons during the coronavirus in Turkey (May 2020)

The first official corona incident in Turkey occurred on 11 March 2020.
So far (May 19, 2020), Turkey has reported the number of positive test results for 151,615 people, while the total number of those who have lost their lives due to the epidemic has been put at 4,199.

While some prison administrations distribute soap and bleach to the wards, soap is not distributed for free in some prisons.
Prisoners are not given masks, and in some prisons prisoners who make phone calls are given masks.
Masks are charged in some prisons,
Free cleaning material is not provided, the material is not made available to prisoners who cannot pay their fees and are not in good financial condition.
In some prisons, products containing cologne and alcohol are not provided.
In many prisons, disinfectants are not kept in toilets.
Disinfectants are distributed in many prisons and prisoners cannot access the disinfectant despite their demands.
The bathrooms are dirty,
The number of wash basins is small,
It is stated that the water is cut frequently and hot water is given at limited times.

There are problems with the distribution of open prisons due to permits and the distribution of meals prepared in open prisons. Meals for closed prisons are limited and of poor quality, unsanitary.
Some prisons serve canned food and there are prisoners with health problems.
Meals are not sufficient to meet the needs of all prisoners, and in some prisons food is consumed in a short time.
It is forbidden to bring fresh vegetables into some prisons because of fears that they will transmit viruses, additional food is not provided and it is not possible to access additional food even if you pay for it.
The products in the canteen are expensive and the variety of products is small,
Diet is not served,
Vitamin is not provided,
Limited number of products like lemon, garlic, onion and vinegar
It is stated that the prisoners who do not fast during Ramadan do not receive food other than Iftar and Sahur (in the evening and morning before the fasting is started) and that the prisoners who fast do not receive enough food.

Mehmet Salih Filiz – Ödemiş T Type closed prison
At the age of 23 he was diagnosed with colon cancer. While his treatment continued, he was transferred from one closed prison institution to another (Antalya type L according to Oedemic type T). His health deteriorated during his stay in the closed prison. His lungs were not sufficiently functional and frequent vomiting of blood were among the complaints. He feeds on a special food. He is not given his medication because it comes from Europe. Mask and cleaning materials are not supplied. In the ward where he is, there is no possibility of social distance. Although the doctor who checked him asked for a referral to an emergency hospital, no referrals to the hospital were made. Filiz was asked to sign a petition, so that in case he falls ill with the virus, the authorities do not have to take responsibility. The prisoner’s family and he are concerned about transferring him to hospital because he will have to stay in quarantine for 14 days after his transfer to hospital and cannot survive on his own.

Sabri Kaya – Osmaniye Type T closed prison
He was 55 years old. Had problems with his heart valves. He was treated in the ICU for Convid-19. He returned to prison after the treatment. After a week in prison, his condition worsened again and he was taken back to the intensive care unit of the hospital. His family applied to the Attorney General’s Office to stop the execution of Kaya and deal with a sick person in a humane manner and release him. Each request was followed by a refusal.

On 21.05.2020 Sabri Kaya died in prison.

Deniz Yıldırım – Elazığ No. 1 High Security Prison
He’s been arrested for four years. He was diagnosed with colon cancer. He had surgery on January 31. Part of his small intestine was operated on. He started chemotherapy on March 9th and his chemotherapy continues. He is being kept in quarantine alone, but he cannot meet his needs alone.

Abdulsamet Durak – Türkoğlu No. 1 type L closed correctional facility
He had a heart attack. Angioma occurred in hospital and two stents were installed in addition to the two existing stents. During his three days in the hospital he was still handcuffed and subjected to psychological violence. There was no bypass because he felt that the prison could not provide adequate care. He is currently quarantined in the prison. A friend, who lives in the cell, stays with him and takes care of him.

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